The Order: 1886 Reviews

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Orion Prelude Review – Everybody Do The Dinosaur~

I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I will get crucified on a professional level for praising a game that was originally despised as much as Hitler himself, but I have to give the game it’s due; it’s pretty fun for a while. No...


The Order: 1886 Review – Rise of the Lycans

The Order: 1886 was highly anticipated up until a couple weeks before its release. Word start spreading that the campaign was too short and the gameplay wasn’t up to snuff. Come review day, it turns out they were right. The Order: 1886 certa...


Another World (Out of this World) Review

…Another classic and groundbreaking game that got another heyday thanks to its reboot on the mobile platforms. Gotta love the mobile evolution. It gives classics like this to another generation to grow up with and enjoy like we did. I knew t...