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Alan Wake Reviews

by on July 30, 2015

Alan Wake is a psychological horror game described by Remedy as "the mind of a psychological thriller" and "the body of a cinematic action game" put together. In interviews, the game's creators hold that the game does not belong squarely in the survival horror video game genre. The game is primarily set in the fictional idyllic small town of Bright Falls, Washington.

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by Joshua on Blank Product Name
Alan wake review

Alan wake had been worked on for a very long time. Changed from an open world game to chapters. But nothing derailed my excitement for this game, the action, the characters, the music it was all so good. So the plot is Alan wake is on a vacation when his wife suddenly vanishes and no one remembers her, wake is then under suspension, and he is now being attacked by shadow people and the only way to stop them is with light. Game play using the flash light, flares, and guns to fight the shadows feels really good and a satisfying slow mo dodge when you preform a perfect dodge feels so good and helps to engage the player more, enviroment interaction is here and is not annoying because it is used sparingly and never impedes your progress. I was blown away by the games size it is large and slightly intemidating but if you give it a shot it will surprise you with a fast compelling journey into the shadows

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