Retroversity: Bad Street Brawler Review

I’m gonna take a break from gushing over underrated titles and instead talk about a game that’s notorious for how bad it is, Bad Street Brawler. This game came out for the NES in 1987, and it’s something of a beat ’em up wi...

Another World (Out of this World) Review

…Another classic and groundbreaking game that got another heyday thanks to its reboot on the mobile platforms. Gotta love the mobile evolution. It gives classics like this to another generation to grow up with and enjoy like we did. I knew t...


The Bard’s Tale (Original 1985 Version) Review

The Bard’s Tale is another classic RPG from Interplay that spawned a great franchise for years to come. Many hours dumped into a game at a time when you had to draw maps and keep notes with a notebook to even get close to beating the game. G...