Retro Shitstorm – Budokan: The Martial Spirit Review

You may want to forgo getting a snack for this review, what I’m about to show you is a crime against game design, humanity and a possible war crime. No It’s not “Buying Power DLC” (though that is a sin worthy of lynching) i...

Phantasy Star 4 Review – Best Genesis RPG?

Now I know I’m most definitely going to rustle some jimmies here, but as a critic, I have to be hard on a game and compare it to other games of the same type (jrpgs) and to be entirely fair, this game only gets a silver medal at best in term...


Another World (Out of this World) Review

…Another classic and groundbreaking game that got another heyday thanks to its reboot on the mobile platforms. Gotta love the mobile evolution. It gives classics like this to another generation to grow up with and enjoy like we did. I knew t...