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Another World (Out of this World) Review

by on September 17, 2014

A classic,, it was sort of a puzzle game. Whatever. It was a sci-fi adventure, platformer where you had to solve puzzles and it's been around forever and everywhere.

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Smooth action
Great story
Updated graphics for those not nostalgic


Tedious timing
Not that long of a game and that may leave some wanting.

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This game was a big deal in its time and I'm glad to see it get another wave of fame.


…Another classic and groundbreaking game that got another heyday thanks to its reboot on the mobile platforms. Gotta love the mobile evolution. It gives classics like this to another generation to grow up with and enjoy like we did.

I knew this as “Out of This World,” but it goes by both.

If you don’t think this game was groundbreaking, then don’t go looking at the list of platforms it was published on. My list isn’t even all of them! This game has been everywhere. It’s like the old sock of the video game world.



This game initially came after games like the original Prince of Persia. It was followed up by Flashback, which used to be on iOS, but isn’t there anymore for whatever reason.

What was so cool about the gameplay was first the mix of genres this game was. Is it an adventure? A platformer? A puzzle game? All of the above. The controls were responsive enough, although I remember the timing was everything in this game…almost irritatingly so. Jump at the wrong time and it was back to your last checkpoint. And you thought you jumped at the right time? Wrong. STUPID SEGA GENESIS CONTROLLER!

But still, it was awesome to be able to move around in this awesome sci-fi environment. I think I actually found it to be easier to play on the IOS rather than the old Sega Genesis, which is what I played this on originally. Possibly more responsive?

The other thing I like about the gameplay was the length of gameplay that you get. This may be a negative for some, but for those like me who have s*** to do, this wasn’t a game that sucked in your entire life for 6 months. It was just enough to engulf you, yet still be long enough for a good console game, and still short enough to qualify as a good casual game (which everyone knows means a toilet game).

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.50.06 PM


Well, this was one of the reasons for all of the critical acclaim. You didn’t look at it at first and think that it was so awesome because of the details of the environments or characters. Other games of 1992 had this beat. But what this did have was SUPER SMOOTH cinematic gameplay and scenes. This was the first game I can remember that was like playing a movie. I am not at all saying the graphics were bad–they definitely were not. They were polygon graphics that did the job, with great artwork in the backgrounds, planets and environments. They were awesome in their own way…just different than you were used to.

I also played the iOS version of this and you do have the option now to play it in its original graphics or switch to newer HD graphics…which are rad. It’s so weird to be able to play your favorites and they look brand new. (I recently replayed Star Control 2, which has been open source forever and which was released with HD graphics over the last year–F yeah!). Anyway, so you do get that choice between original or HD graphics. Do both. Be nostalgic.


Sound Effects and Music

The sound was also groundbreaking for the time. 1992 seemed to be a very good year for video game advances in many areas. This had great sound effects and music, like aliens talking, which was really just gibberish but it sounded cool. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.



There is no leveling.


No pro gamer’s history is complete without this game under their belt.

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