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Bridge It Review- A Bridge Building Simulator

by on February 25, 2015

Build a complicated bridge and get the cars/trains across safely.

# of Players



+Great Graphics
+Accurate Physics
+No Creativity Cap
+Challenging Levels
+In-depth Tutorial


-Gets Repetitive
-Overpriced For Old-ish Game
-No Updates Since Nov18, 2013
-No strength/weakness Feedback
-Clumsy Building Interface

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Sound Effects and Music


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Bottom Line

This is the most accurate and most customizable bridge building game on the market. Greatly recommended for simulator fans and future engineers.



You start off with a certain amount of materials and a set budget. The objective is to build a bridge to cross over different rivers and canyons. They start off very simple and require simple materials and simple building. As you progress into the game and reach higher levels the bridges will get extremely complicated. You will need to use more materials like Hydraulics and split ramps to finish the bridges. As you progress even more into the hard levels, they become ridiculously complicated. It so hard that it’s almost to the point where you want to just quit. But if you follow through and finish the bridge there is a sense of accomplishment that will be more than worth it. Comparing Bridge It to other competitor bridge simulator games, Bridge It takes the award home.



The graphics are not something crazy that we have never seen before. They are pretty basic if anything, but it doesn’t take away from the gaming experience. You can clearly see what you are doing and what needs to be done. You are able to change the view of the camera with multiple FOV options. All the materials will change color and brightness to show the difference in materials, they will also glow a yellow or a red depending on how much stress each material is going under. Overall the graphics are not great, but like I said before, they do not take away from the overall gaming experience whatsoever.



I want to make clear that the overall difficulty of this game is extremely hard. Even if you start in the Easy mode at first it’s still really hard. It seems like Instead of Easy to Hard the difficulty of Bridge It really goes from Hard to Expert. Even in the introduction tutorial the levels are very impressive. If anyone is able to beat the last level without looking up any tutorials or walkthroughs then that person deserves a medal. I almost beat my mouse open because of the frustration. Thankfully I am not a bridge engineer because every single person that crossed that bridge would be dead. This game is one of the few games made that actually takes skill and time to complete.

bridge3              maxresdefault

Sound Effects

This might be the only down part for the entire game. There Is absolutely no background music or any sound effects. You can clearly see birds and air balloons flying which should have sound effects. Or maybe even sound effects from the waves in the river. Sadly there is no ambient sound while playing. The only sound effects that are implemented into the game are when you test your bridge. At this point you can clearly hear the cars and trains driving across your masterpiece. During the test you can also hear the strains and moans from the steel and other materials that are under going tons of stress. Which to be honest can be quite nerve racking since it might fall and come crashing down.

Closing Thoughts

Bridge It is a game that is too perfectly made as far as the mechanics go. The physics behind it are extremely accurate and will not disappoint. It completely blows the other bridge building competitors out of the park, It’s a hole other ball game. Sadly there are no updates to this game, but to be honest I don’t see anything that needs to be fixed. I would definitely recommend Bridge It to anyone looking for a different type of game to play.

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