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Dragon Ball XenoVerse Review! A quirky Action RPG that’s loads of fun

by on March 30, 2015

Create your own unique character and enter the world of Dragon Ball Z! Help Goku and his friends from a mysterious foe who is distorting history.

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You get to make your own original character and place yourself in the Dragon Ball world!

Customize your character to the smallest details, and use iconic costumes and moves from the series!

TeamFourStars Takahata101 is Custom Male Voice #8 as Ghost Nappa


If you try to play this as a Fighting game, you'll probably end up frustrated.

If you're not a fan of Dragon Ball, you almost certainly won't find this game nearly as enjoyable, since this is a Dragon Ball game.

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Bottom Line

This is a must play for any Dragon Ball Z fan, making your own character is awesome, and the story is actually really good as far as DBZ games go.


I didn’t grow up with Dragon Ball Z, I caught it every now and again when it was on Toonami, and most of my knowledge of DBZ comes from the TeamFourStar parody series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which is something any Dragon Ball fan should check out. So I’m not the biggest DBZ fan but damn if Dragon Ball XenoVerse wasn’t an incredibly fun experience. Lots of people would look at Dragon Ball XenoVerse and think its just another Fighting game with the enormous cast of DBZ characters, but in reality its far from what most people would consider a fighting game, really it has more Action RPG elements than it does elements of a traditional Fighting game. Though to be fair, it does have a mode where players can fight each other, so it does resemble a Fighting Game.


What you See and What you Hear

To be perfectly frank, the graphic aren’t that impressive. I’ve been playing XenoVerse on my Ps4 and I did not have that moment where I was in awe of how great it looks. The characters are detailed enough but the environments feel…choppy. The sounds on the other hand are dead on, but its mostly the little details over the music of the game. It’s the small things like when your character descends, or when you use an iconic energy blast from the show, the sounds match it perfectly and it’s extremely satisfying when you hear it.


Dragon Ball XenoVerse actually has a unique story, different from the main story of Dragon Ball Z, which is something a LOT of DBZ games can’t say they’ve done. The main premise is that you’re summoned to stop someone from altering history and changing the events of DBZ. This story is presented marvelously because it lets you play your personal character in the world of DBZ and experience it with the characters you’ve grown to know and love, instead of playing as them. Instead of just playing through the story I know many people have seen dozens of times, you get to experience and entirely new story, and a really good story at that.



The biggest appeal of XenoVerse is the ability to make your own character, choosing from a variety of races, ranging from Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian, Majin, or Frieza Race. Each race has its own perks, like Namekians have low attack power but very high health, as well as the ability to regenerate when their health was low, or how Saiyans have the highest natural attack but very low health, and if they get knocked out but then revived by a teammate, they get a huge power boost just like in the show. Even small things like your height and width effect your characters stats. In addition to all the options you’re given during character creation, there are tons of outfits that can boost your stats, and even more iconic skills and attacks that you can give your character.

Here’s the thing about Dragon Ball XenoVerse that makes it an Action RPG over a Fighting game. From the very start of character creation, you’re given a level, and as you play story mode and side quests, you gain experience and level up, boosting your stats to make your character exactly how you want them to be, and you get very clearly progressively stronger than when you first started. These are very clear and traditional RPG elements, but that’s not the only reason why I don’t really consider it a Fighting game. The other reason is because the combat in the game is kinda clunky, you have to target onto your opponent which takes some getting used to, and it’s especially awkward when you’re fighting multiple opponents at once. The button choices are particularly strange, like needing to press L3 (down on the joystick) to descend from the air, or how there aren’t really combos, you just press a light attack button a few times, then the heavy attack button, there’s nothing close to combos like in a traditional Fighting game.


One thing that really bothers me about Dragon Ball XenoVerse, is that most of the skills and items are dropped randomly by doing side missions, and the drop rate is ridiculously low. Sometimes the quests to get specific skills go by pretty fast and you can farm it several times in a short amount of time, but then there are some quests where you have to do the main objective, hope an event triggers at the end where you fight another opponent, and hope the item drops, so not only do you have to hope for the chance to get the item, you have to hope for the chance to get the event that gives you the chance to get the item. It’s frankly ridiculous how against you these random drops are and it’s quite easily my least favorite part of the game.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball Xenoverse definitely has its fair share of quirks and mistakes, like typos in the text box or the hilariously bad recordings of dialogue, as well as having just a lot of strange aesthetic choices when making the game, like awkward button placement or choosing to skip the android saga entirely and just putting it in as a side mission. I absolutely had a lot of fun with this game, any Dragon Ball fan of even the smallest degree would love it. The best thing this game does, is it places you in the world of Dragon Ball, not as an existing character but as yourself, and it’s done fantastically. I really felt like I was apart of that world, helping out Goku with battles he honestly probably didn’t need me for, but it was fun none the less. At the very least Dragon Ball XenoVerse is an excellent start to what could be an even better sequel.

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