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Epoch Review

by on October 15, 2014

This is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi shooter predominantly for mobile platforms.

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Good visuals and graphics.
I like the IDEA of it.
Responsive controls.


Kind of cheesy story.
Gets old fast.

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I like the idea and the execution of this, but felt that the repetition of the same actions got old and wore out my interest fast. Worth a shot, but I didn't download Epoch 2.


I must have missed the release of Epoch, because I found this from the promotion of Epoch 2. But, doing things in sequence and getting the whole backstory as I like to do, I went and downloaded the first Epoch on the iPhone.

It looks cool. It sounds cool. Post-apocalyptic robots fighting. Sounds great. I think it was this screenshot that really sold me on the first one. It’s nice art and seems to draw you into a good story.


See what I mean? They definitely advertised the right shots of this game. It got my attention and two bucks, or however much it cost.

When I started to play the game I felt limited. That’s because you are limited. The gameplay is basically you jumping back and forth behind cover to dodge enemy fire or grenades. So, when I say limited, you are jumping back and forth between three barriers, firing, ducking, jumping, ducking, dodging, firing. Then on the next level there is more firing, ducking, dodging and jumping. Then, on the next level some new guy is throwing grenades at you now. So, what do you do? Jump, dodge fire, duck. You’ll never guess what you do on the next level.

It sort of reminds me of Rage HD from id Software on the iPhone, if you guys remember that one? It was an on-rails shooter. It LOOKED awesome and the idea was great, but the on-rails was just too limiting and got boring for me (plus RAGE was a hog–I had the 16 GB iPhone at the time and I think Rage took like 15 of those Gigs. The other Gig was taken by the iOS and me taking retarded pics of myself).

Anyway, that’s what I found myself feeling when I played this. I was more playing to get it done with and beat it, rather than because I thought it was so captivating.

When I did finally beat it, I didn’t feel very satisfied and didn’t download Epoch 2, which was why I downloaded this one in the first place. So I guess that is the real verdict for this writer- did I download #2? No.

I do credit the guys over at Uppercut for developing a ground up original idea, with an original UI and control scheme. I do think they did well. I don’t want to take a total dump over their good work, but the cover-to-cover limited shooter was just not my cup of tea.

Epoch Screenshot Robot

The IDEA of this game is cool. Post-apocalypse. Robots. Guns. The story was okay, but I don’t feel like the story was being counted on to pull the users. I felt like it was secondary…and just kind of corny.

On the lighter side, both the graphics and sound are good. This game holds up well in those departments. Also, I will say the movement and controls are very fluid, responsive and easy to learn and control which can be annoying especially on a mobile touchscreen like the iPhone. Nothing like moving and getting that split second lag that makes all the difference in the world. This game does not suffer that problem, so well done in that respect.

While this is not the best game I have ever played, it is certainly not the worst. Just sort of middle of the road, hence the overall C-range grade.

If you are an on-rails fan, or like the idea of cover to cover dodging and all that, this may be for you. It won’t let you down visually. But if you are like me and like a lot of freedom, this may not be your cup of tea. Or coffee. Or plain water if you are one of those who just don’t drink figurative caffeine.

Epoch gunfight



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