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Flappy Bird Review

by on September 3, 2014

Flappy bird is the game that will have you crying at night from raging.

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Single Player


Good graphics
Can be fun to play


Very addicting
Raging is inevitable

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Bottom Line

Flappy bird is a pretty good game for anybody to play but just be ready to rage a lot.


Flappy Bird swept the entire nation and has to be one of the most aggravating games ever to be on IOS and Android. The game itself couldn’t be more simple. Raging hardcore or being extremely satisfied are the only outcomes of the game, there is no in-between. The goal of the game is to see how many of these posts you can fly in between without running into one of them or falling to the ground. It requires basically all of your attention, and if you lose focus, you will instantly die almost every time.


Flappy bird has a smooth look to it that doesn’t really affect you when playing. Everything in it is basically all little pixels so its not crisp clear but it has HD animation for sure. After playing over and over (it is impossible to play once so you will be looking at the screen for a while) it can get annoying to look at and sometimes I get dizzy, but of course that will always be your fault for playing it for too long! Overall the graphics aren’t bad for a IOS game.



Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! That is all the game consists of besides the occasional rage and cheer. Easy to play? Yes. Fun to play? Sure. Getting far in the game? Never! At least at the beginning it can be very difficult to play this game. It needs to be played on a gradient and good breaks in between rages are always a good idea.

The whole point of the game is to see how far you can get by tapping the screen and flying in between the obstacles. At first its very hard and you might get through 10, maybe 20 if your good, but after a while of playing it actually gets much easier to get far. I remember the farthest I got was 135, and that took every ounce of energy and focus that was in my body. So, playing for a long time can get you pretty heated, but after a while you get pretty good at the game and it gets boring.


This game sparked a huge line of parody games and knock-offs, each one very similar with the same concept being to jump and make your way through obstacles. Not only were parodies made, but toys, custom cakes, shirts and other apparel were created all to keep the flappy bird game alive. The creator of the app even took it off the app store for a while because he was getting too much hate for creating such an aggravating game.

Sound Effects and Music

Literally the only sounds that are in the game are the sounds of you flapping the bird by tapping the screen and the sound it makes when you die. Both are very cartoon-like and are pretty annoying.



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