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GoldenEye 007 Review

by on August 27, 2014

GoldenEye 007 is the famous N64 video game adaptation of the film GoldenEye and is one of the THE games which defined what multiplayer could be.

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1, multi


Never-ending multiplayer fun


Not sleeping
5 players, four controllers
There are no negatives for its time

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Bottom Line

This is a timeless classic that it is worth tracking down an N64 just to get this game.


Four controllers. Four guys. Facility. Grenades.

Bathroom facility

I think I have the better part of nine months of my life on this game. That is one reason why this is #4 on my fav games of all time list.

GoldenEye 007 on the N64. Along with games like Quake, this was one of the first generation multiplayers that existed. If I remember right, Rare made so much money from the James Bond rights with this game, that EA stepped in to score the rights to make their own 007 game (which I remember sucking). Rare made their own successor, Perfect Dark, which was another instant N64 classic.



Game play was one of the things that made this an instant classic. Smooth real-time action with fairly simple controls. This game basically follows the plot line of the movie and you are the actor going through the movie. While I am not always a fan of linear games, this game was challenging and fun with seemingly endless replayability. The full game was great with impressive graphics and AI. But it was the multiplayer that really carved this game’s place in history.

When I wasn’t going to school or working, I was playing GoldenEye with my friends…for 9 months straight. It never got old. I was always Boris. My favorite moment was when my buddy came into the bathroom in the facility (our favorite level), opened the stall door only to see me tossing grenades at the ground. I looked up and we were both toast. It was hilarious watching it from his screen. The multiplayer at the time was endlessly fun and there was nothing quite like it at the time, except maybe Quake on the pc.

When you got certain achievements, like beating the game on different difficulties, you would open up more characters which were valuable for multiplayer. We outlawed Oddjob and considered him cheating.



The graphics for the time were the best. It was the polygon graphics of the time that included other games like Virtua Fighter. Everything was fairly blocky, but detailed. In the multiplayer it obviously lost some of the detail as opposed to the full game due to the four-way split screen, but in the full game you really had some great backgrounds and scenery which gave you great depth that you could really get into as a secret agent. When you’re sneaking around trying not to set off an alarm, a convincing environment helps to create that illusion.

I played GoldenEye within the last year out of nostalgia and obviously our tastes have differed since then with the huge developments in graphics. My first thought was that I remembered it being less…fuzzy. But I guess at the time the polygons were the new graphic evolution from pixels. Still, this game holds up to this day, graphically and otherwise.

GoldenEye 007 screen shot

Sound Effects and Music

The music from GoldenEye 007 is as timeless as he original music from the James Bond movies. This was another Golden Age of graphics and sound and so everything from the music to the gunshots were great to listen to.

Let’s put it this way: I still have the music from the menu screen in my phone as a ringtone…17 years later.


There is no leveling in this game.


This game is #4 in my top favs of all time. If you can score an N64 with four controllers and a bunch of dudes, your wives or girlfriends won’t be able to get you out of the room.


#3 from our GoldenEye menu is Sean Bean now from Game of Thrones fame. #7 is Robbie Coltrane from Harry Potter fame, who played Hagrid.

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