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Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarok: Review and Guilty Pleasure

by on December 2, 2014

You are a girl who attempts to get to the bottom of a zombie outbreak and it seems like you're a century old or something...

# of Players

Mobile MMO, so 1 and a couple of chat rooms of people talking?


+Cute graphics
+Great weapons
+Lots of anime nods
+Good combat system
+Loads of events
+Able to get ingame currency without spending money
+Fantastic customization of loadouts


-Graphics are too cute, and it gets annoying
-The anime loading screens makes me feel embarrassed
-The anime loading screens tricked alot of players into downloading the game
-Chatroom 1 is one of the more frightening ones that I've seen. Ever.
-Insanely long amount of time to recharge energy

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Bottom Line

A fantastic time waster that can be casual or hardcore depending on how you play your games.


So, as a father I don’t have the luxury to game on my PC whenever I’d like. I do, however, have ample amount of time to game on my phone when I’m giving her a nap and need to stay close to her. This is often my go-to game, Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarok.

Let’s Try Something Different

Since this is a mobile game, I’m going to try and keep the review short and sweet. Let’s get to the details:

The game is available on Apple and Android devices (Also Android and Apple users can play together! Yay!) and comes in two flavors: Escape to Ragnarok and School Dayz. So be sure to get Escape to Ragnarok, otherwise you’ll be playing the Southeast Asia version.

Escape to Ragnarok does have a story, however, you need to play through it in order to fully understand it all and that will take some time. I’m level 47 and am only at chapter 8 out of 14! There are a significant amount of stages but due to my time constraints I haven’t been able to get very far. Level 47 isn’t even very high. I’m not sure what the level cap is, but I’ve seen someone at level 137, so it’s probably very high.


The number of stages per chapter is not set in stone by the way. I think chapter 10 goes to 10-15 or something.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the game looks pretty adorable, right? Well yea, but this game has depth and this game wants you to continue playing for a good long time. How long can you look at those characters and not get sick? Well, it didn’t take long for me. Here is a much better example below:


Left to right: Me, scary robot boss chick, dead chick on floor, and riot police shield zombie Also did you notice my Chariot outfit from Black Rock Shooter?! Yea I didn’t, I had to google it, but I knew it was Black Rock I swear!

Not too bad right? Well, you’re right. I’m just particular, I suppose. Despite my own tastes the game has a very good looking design going for it and I commend it for having such bright colored enemies while having contrasting floors and back drops. Back drops don’t confuse you as to who your enemies are and your enemies don’t blend into the floor due to color schemes.

The brightness and character design also add a good sense of humor to the entire situation, too. I mean, you’re killing zombies trying to save the world! Despite this, I think the character design does a fine job of conveying to the player that “this is a game that originated in Asia and it’s about Anime chicks saving the world from zombie highs school girls!” In other words: They nailed it. Also if you didn’t catch it, my character is wearing an outfit from the Anime (or miniseries or special whatever) Black Rock Shooter. There is a crazy amount of Anime weapons and outfits from a lot of different Animes including some I haven’t heard of. It’s pretty neat being able to wear Senketsu from Kill La Kill,  while also wielding a scissor blade– haha.

Near the top left hand corner you’ll see another Anime face which belongs to your buddy. Buddies are other players that you befriend in the game. The benefit of having a buddy is that you can switch to them in the middle of a stage. Granted the limitations are that you can only be your buddy anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds depending on whether they are a higher level than you or not. Also, they can only be used once per stage. Despite the limits, they can be a saving breath if you are just about to die and switch. Switching to the buddy makes you play as them, so you get their weapons, skills and most importantly a full health bar. Once the time runs out, though, you go back to your low HP. Hopefully some enemies dropped health! The other version of the game allegedly has co-op, like live co-op! Sounds like it’d be amazing in a game like this, so I really really hope its implemented.

If you decide to download the game you’ll see the screenshots have these well drawn anime characters doing miscellaneous things. Once you download the game you might be wondering where all the pictures are. All of the pictures are in the loading screens, and the loading screens don’t last very long. But I mean…I’m not sure how to say this so I’ll show you:


Do you see what I was trying to say? Now, not all of the loading screens are like this, in fact, this is the “worst” one. This is the one that would get you funny looks and probably into some hot water. I mentioned that not all of them were “bad” well here is the “best” one.


It looks artsy, classy and it’s just cool to look at. Sure it still has that slight sex appeal but its not freaking trying to shove it down your eyeballs at least! With these screens shown I think you should also know about what kind of gamers get on the chatrooms now.

It would seem that the entire chatroom channel known as chatroom 1 was taken over by a bunch of horny, weird, role play fanatic middle schoolers or something (not to say it couldn’t be older people!). I didn’t take any screenshots due to the people on there being pretty tight, but there is a shit ton of roleplaying going on…and not the lore kind. I mean these kids are like…well, they might as well use snap chat or chat roulette or something! It really, really makes me cringe. Thankfully there are no trolls and arguments are few and far apart so it has that going for it.

Really you can say that “global chat” in any free-to-play game is terrible and just as in other F2Ps you can switch your channel. Once in other channels, you run into far less horny kids people and much more mature people who talk about their day or ask for advice on where to find this or that or how to beat this or that boss. Pretty standard friendly people. Just please stay out of channel 1 though, for your sanity.

Moving on! The game features an energy system, ^@%$^@#^*! Yea I know I hate them too, and this one is fairly bad. You can use crystals to recharge or just level up and gain all energy back. It takes 10 minutes per energy and I believe my current energy is 45 or something while I’m level 48. It’s annoying, but it allows me to get back to my day or even just mess around with my loadouts.

Trying not to get into too much details here, but let me tell you about the drops and unlockables now. You can get neat outfits, weapons and skill badges from either events or from using in-game currency (named crystals) to buy from a prime/gold gacha. Now you can use your own money to buy the crystals, but why throw away your money? The game allows you to build up your crystals by doing daily missions, completing certain stages and unlocking in-game achievements. Getting all those crystals saved up is hard work, so instead they added another currency– one which you can’t buy known as friend points.

Friend points, aka FP, can be acquired anytime you play and choose a buddy, or anytime a buddy plays and chooses you. The FP gacha is kind of crappy though and doesn’t yield as many rare things as the other two do. But the other two are stingy as shit and hate giving up anything good to people. To get any of the good equips you need to use the gachas so it becomes a problem if you aren’t lucky. Playing regularly through the stages also gives you good equips but they aren’t nearly as good, which is a shame but the game is free and needs to feed the employees somehow.

Skills are fairly standard, they add or change things about you adding health, attack, attack speed, running speed etc. But I’m over generalizing these. Some are very specific and do several things. For example: one of the skills I have makes it so I don’t get a speed penalty while I’m being attacked. That way I can run away quicker. But it also makes so that there is a percentile chance that an attack will miss altogether. This is where you can go far into detail in the game. You can use this and that skill to maximize one thing, or to balance yourself out. It adds a big enough change that you can have several load outs that are nothing alike from one another.

There are events in the game daily, excluding Monday for some reason. These events allow you to acquire materials that are used to refine your weapons, skills and outfits. Your equips can range from 1 to 6 stars, 6 being most rare and powerful. You have to use other equips in order to level up your individual items. Once they reach max level you can refine them into the star rank. You are limited because you have a load capacity and each equip has a load amount. The more stars your equip has, the higher the load amount and that amount increase each time you refine your item to the next star rank. The only way to increase your capacity is by leveling up. (Whoops! That went an opposite way from events haha, back on track now though!). OK, so each day of the week has a different event set up as does each week have its own special boss fight where you can earn nice equips, but you need to be strong enough to earn them. The events are fantastic ways for new players to make money and for veterans to earn materials. I myself am in-between poor and weak so I constantly need to level up my stuff to max, then level myself up and finally refine my current equips.

All of this talk and I haven’t even really dabbled on the combat! The combat is pretty darn satisfying and its probably the main reason I continue to play. With your awesome loadouts you enter the stage and face a pretty damn good variety of zombies. At later stages it is old zombies re-done to look new, but it seems that a new zombie is introduced often enough to make the game surprise you. Each zombie has a strategy that you must use– some are very simple, some are a little more complicated and they all deal with your bullets destroying them. Besides regular and boss zombies, you have to worry about Elite Zombies.

Elite Zombies have a single health bar over their head and can sometimes have special attributes The attributes can change the entire way you face the Elite one due to some causing damage to bounce back to you, or they can teleport, and hell, even split into 3 Elite zombies temporarily for 3 times the damage. Some of the attributes are more standard like increased attack, defense and speed. Boss zombies have 2 bars. One is for health and another is an indicator on how many more times you need to deplete the health bar. It never shows an exact number, but it shaves off a chunk and you can guesstimate from that. The boss fights are very interesting since the bosses have several boss specific moves and abilities that can wipe the floor with you including, but not limited to, dark whirlpools, lighting storms, tiny clone things, giant lasers and a ball of pulsing doom.

With all of these things mentioned I feel that the game is excellent for time wasting and general enjoyment. Also, it appears the game will be receiving constant updates. If you visit the Facebook fan page, they are talking about the new update that will introduce PVP and some new system of weapon info. I hope that the developer keeps adding new things to the game and that it doesn’t die down, as it wouldn’t be the same without my buddies. See what I did there?!

Thanks for reading!

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