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Kickin’ Back: Knights & Bikes

by on February 21, 2016

We live in a golden age of entertainment and media.  Thanks to the internet and the game-changing possibility of crowd-funding and other content creating, developers big or small are able to release video games that we may have never got the chance to witness in years past.  That being said, it can still be a challenge sometimes to sift through projects on places like kickstarter, and separate the innovative and promising games from the games that frankly could use a little more work and time.  With this article, and the ones to come, I plan to share and highlight games that capture my interest and may be worth your support and investment to see them come to fruition.


Today, the project I want to highlight is a game called Knights and Bikes.  Created by developer Foamsword games, Knights and Bikes is a cooperative action-rpg with inspirations and influences drawn from classic games: Earthbound and Secret of Mana.  The game is also heavily influenced by 80’s kid adventure movies like The Goonies and carries with it an air of nostalgia and exciting, adolescent adventures.  Knights and Bikes centers around characters Nessa and Demelza as they explore their home island of Penfurzy, interacting with the wacky denizens and uncovering the mysteries that surround the ancient knights and legends of the island.  Players can control Nessa and Demelza either alone with the help of AI characters, or with a friend through local co-op.  Gameplay is built around completing quests given by the islanders, finding treasures and other collectables, and exploring the island both on-foot as well as with the help from a fully up-gradable bike.

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The art and style of Knights and Bikes is absolutely brimming with character and charm.  From the already released footage and stills, the game is looking to be a beautiful and unique experience with meticulous thought and care put into it by the developers.  It’s a testament to the skills of developers Rex Crowle (whose credits include games like Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet) and Moo Yu (LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet & Clank), that everything created has come from this modest two-man team.

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At the time of writing this article, Knights and Bikes is sitting at about 70% funded with two weeks left in its campaign.  Should the game be funded, it will release on PC, MAC, Linux, as well as PS4.  The campaign features a wealth of reward tiers ranging from digital copies of the game to physical collectors edition boxes and hand-made plushes.  I highly recommend funding this promising game or at the very least, checking into the campaign and sharing it with as many people as possible.  These talented developers deserve to have the chance to create and deliver this game and I eagerly await the chance to explore and experience Knights and Bikes myself.


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Link to Kickstarter: Knights & Bikes