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Kickin’ Back: Pinstripe

by on March 19, 2016
Hello, and welcome back to another installment of Kickin’ Back, where I highlight game projects that capture my attention and may deserve your support on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.  Today, the focus is on the beautiful and haunting: Pinstripe



Through Heaven & Hell

Simple, yet masterfully crafted and complex.  These are words you don’t often hear associated with each other, however, they perfectly surmise the game vision of one-man developer Thomas Brush.  Everything from the game’s gorgeous, whimsical 2D graphics to the haunting, sweeping soundtrack is expertly realized and created by Thomas for his third higher-profile solo game project: Pinstripe.  A testament to his artistic prowess, Pinestripe is a beautiful game that demands your attention and support.


Pinstripe 2


In today’s day and age, games with enormous budgets and a plethora of tacked-on features are primarily focused upon.  Sure these games are often more than great and thoroughly enjoyable, but sometimes a stripped-down and simpler game has to be made to tell a different story.  That game is Pinstripe, and its story surrounds the character Teddy as he treks through literal Hell to find and rescue his lost daughter Bo.  Thus, a classic, 2D adventure game unfolds filled with puzzles and zany characters and your trusty shotgun to sort out the two.  With this simplistic approach, the true focus of Pinstripe, the unique art; gripping score; and thoughtful story, can fully shine.  Immersion is paramount, as Thomas states in his Kickstarter: “The goal [of Pinstripe] is to make you feel like a kid again without being bogged down with stuff that is confusing and unnecessary”.


Pinstripe 4

And Back Again

Pinstripe’s campaign has deservedly received a lot of coverage and support since its inception, and will be funded over its targeted goal when the Kickstarter ends in currently five day’s time.  The game deserves all the support it can get throughout its whole campaign, and I strongly recommend backing this project if you wish to do so.  Thomas has added quite a few stretch goals that have been reached, and the campaign features a wealth of rewards and perks to choose from with your donations.  I eagerly await the game’s slated release of August 2016, and how the game will continue to evolve and grow under Thomas’ care.


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