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Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory Review

by on May 20, 2015

Episode 3 of Life is Strange, follow Chloe into the school at night to see what you can find out about the elusive Rachel Amber

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Great time reversal puzzles

Better more natural dialogue than episode 2


The whole episode feels lacking as a whole in terms of content.

I hate the ending...

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It's the weakest episode of the series in my opinion, with an ending that doesn't really satisfy me.


Episode 3 of Life is Strange is finally out and I’m excited to do another short review of this new episode! If you missed my review of Episode 2, you should definitely check it out.

Chaos Theory fixes a lot of my problems with the last episode. The conversations felt much more fluid and natural than the clunkiness it used to have, but at the same time, I felt like there were much…less conversations than before. In both of the previous episodes, Chrysalis and Out of Time, you had a plethora of characters you could interact with and learn more about the world, but in this episode, you really only talked to people in order to solve conversation puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, this game has the same fetch quest garbage as the last 2, you’re given a big space and you’re supposed to try and find things, but it’s so frustratingly difficult to find them that I ended up looking for the solution online.


On the flip side, the time reversal puzzles seem better than ever. Right from the start you’re given a pretty neat puzzle on how to get inside the principles office. Another one later where you have to talk to people, ask them certain things, rewind and talk to them again with new information. They’ve had puzzles like these before but not with this level of depth.

The one thing I really disliked, and I mean REALLY disliked, was the ending. Now obviously I can’t talk specifics because fucking spoilers, but the endings to all the episodes so far have tried to one up each other and I can honestly see what the writers were trying to go for, I really can. But the reality is, there’s two ways this can play out and neither of them are good.


I’d say Chaos Theory is arguably the weakest episode so far, not to the degree that it’s bad…it just feels lacking. The whole pacing of the episode feels off, there’s very little to explore and find aside from the obligatory 12 or so pictures you can take for achievements. There are so few characters you can actually talk to you don’t really learn anything new. There are two things this episode did well: the time reversal puzzles, and really emphasizing the implications of your past mistakes.

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