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Plague Inc. Review

by on December 21, 2014

Spread a plague of your choice in an attempt to end humanity. Evolve your disease to make it even more infectious and lethal.

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-Presents a new concept in the form of a strategy game that's pretty easy to get into.


-Game gets a little repetitive after a while

-Music and sounds don't add to the experience at all

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Plague Inc. is an incredibly fun strategy game that starts off easy enough that anyone can pick up and play, with substantially harder levels as you go further.


Plague Inc. is a creative new game that simulates an epidemic in the world. This game is crazy fun. At first I thought it would get pretty boring after a while, having the different types of plagues (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.) be basically the same thing over and over again, but each disease was actually pretty unique. That being said it does get a little repetitive because the basic strategy for a few of the diseases is the same, just how you go about it is different, but the game does mix it up.

Graphics and Audio

Probably the weakest part of the game is the audio. It’s plain, and it tries to fit into the theme of the game by having very, ominous sounds, like a life support machine, but it really doesn’t add to the experience whatsoever. The graphics however are pretty impressive. The map of the world when it becomes infected is really cool to watch, and each of the visual representation of the plague are unique from each other.



Obviously, Ebola and countless other diseases were the influence for this game, giving you the perspective of the disease trying to wipe out humanity, instead of humanity trying to fight it. There is no narrative in Plague Inc. – it’s just not that kind of game. There is, however, a news headline that mostly acts as a joke to lighten the mood as you play, but also serves to show how the world is reacting to your plague. If humanity is surviving, it will tell you how, or if there’s no hope, then it will say so. It’s more or less just those 2 options, between surviving or dying, and they’re the same for every disease, but like I said it’s not the kind of game to have a story.


You choose what kind of plague you want to infect the world with, and you choose where you want it to start. You can evolve the disease by giving it new symptoms, abilities, things that make infection easier, or make it more resistant to drugs and medicine. Each disease acts very differently. For example, the fungus can’t travel across the world very easily, but it can also go undetected. It has an ability that if you spend a few points to use, you can spread your spores to a different country at random, but if it’s noticed, it’s dealt with very easily. Another very different plague, is the “Neurax Worm” which lives inside humans heads and can influence what they do. It’s noticed very easily, because it’s a worm in your head, but it also can control peoples actions, making them want to fly to certain (uninfected countries) or cause aggression against uninfected people.


There are three big challenges to this game, and it’s the same no matter what plague you’re using. The first is infection. You want to infect as many people as possible, which is typically not hard, but it depends. The second challenge is killing people once you’ve infected enough of them. If you evolve your disease to kill people too fast, faster then you’re infecting them, and there are still uninfected people, then your disease will die out by itself. The last big challenge is to prevent the world working to make a cure. Now, you can upgrade your disease to become more difficult to cure, or give it symptoms that make it harder for people to work, but it will never completely stop development until everyone is dead.

That’s the gist of the game, and while it does get a little repetitive after a while, it’s definitely fun. It’s great for mobile users who want to kill some time, or if you wanna play it on steam, grab it during a steam sale.


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  • masterblaster
    January 5, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    I made the mistake of buying this addicting game, too. LOL. They did a good job on this one. It was not my all time fav or anything, but it was pretty creative and just in time for Ebola- ha.

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