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Pokemon X and Y Review! The biggest step Pokemon has ever taken

by on April 24, 2015

Journey into the stunning region of Kalos with Pokemon X and Y!

# of Players



3D graphics and environments!

450 catchable Pokemon, 70 of which are new!

Customizable characters!

Mega Evolutions breathing new life into otherwise bad Pokemon!


There isn't much post game content, it's pretty bland. There's a very short post game story but it's hardly worth mentioning.

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Sound Effects and Music


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Bottom Line

This is a phenomenal entry in Pokemon,


Pokemon is a classic series, beloved by people of all ages, and there are people like myself who have been with the series from the beginning and seen how it’s evolved throughout each generation. Pokemon X and Y took a huge step forward when it came to improvements and new mechanics, and it was a step the series desperately needed. Before X and Y, the last few games were rather bland, the graphics were getting grainy, the stories were either too complicated or too boring to bother following, and the general flow of the game felt off. But X and Y fixed all of that with phenomenal graphics for the series, new mechanics that flipped Pokemon on it’s head, and more importantly, a return to classic Pokemon themes, more than a bunch of new ones shoved down our throat.


What you See and What you Hear

Like I mentioned earlier, the graphics for the Pokemon DS games, particularly Black and White, had gotten grainy, and awkward to look at. X and Y took the much needed jump to full 3D environments and battles, and they look outstanding in every department. The battles alone are fantastic, but what I really love is the new world you have to explore with beautiful landscapes. Just everything about it is incredible compared to anything we’ve ever seen in Pokemon. The music of course is just as orchestral and fantastic as ever, I really don’t need to talk about it because there’s never been an instance where the music in Pokemon didn’t satisfy.

Pokemon x and y


Pokemon has never been particularly rich in story, for the most part always been about some organization, trying to use some legendary Pokemon to screw up the world, and most of the time their ideals aren’t really clear. Pokemon X and Y doesn’t do an outstanding job with this, in fact the ideals of Team Flare are pretty..dumb…but it has much richer story telling than usual. Characters have much more depth to them than before, they’re interesting and memorable.


Pokemon X and Y brought so many new mechanics and and features to the table, and I love every single one of them, They even introduced a new type of Pokemon, that’s something they haven’t done since generation 2! But even with so many features, the biggest draw to X and Y’s gameplay is that the entire game feels like a salute to traditional Pokemon themes. In the region alone, there are 450 catchable Pokemon, but only 70 of them are actually new to the series, meaning 380 of them are classics that most people will recognize and probably love.


Mega Evolution is one of the new mechanics introduced in X and Y and it definitely embodies the traditional Pokemon themes I was talking about. Mega Evolution is the ability to transform your Pokemon mid battle, and then have them return to their previous form after the battle ends, they gain new stats, abilities, and a new appearance. This gives old Pokemon who might not be really usable or fun to use in any regard, a new breath of life. Charizard, a classic Pokemon isn’t actually that good, but he gained 2 different Mega forms, each of them making him incredibly viable and powerful.


The last new feature I want to touch on is customizable characters. For the first time ever, the player has the ability to design their character to look how they want them to, from their skin color, to the clothes they wear, to even their eye color, you get the choose all of it, and change it as you play the game. The one down side is that Customizable characters didn’t make a return in the following Pokemon games, so we may never see this option again.


Final Thoughts

I love nearly everything about this game, it was such a monumental leap for the Pokemon franchise and they did while retaining all the themes that makes Pokemon great. They didn’t go over board with new features, they kept everything people loved and made it better. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that Pokemon X is my favorite Pokemon game to date, and anyone with a 3DS should play this entry in a legendary series.

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