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Rust Review

by on September 25, 2014

User friendly
Easy controls
Great graphics
Amazing gameplay


Can be unfair when fighting other players with guns

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Bottom Line

This game is amazing, if you have the funds go ahead and buy it. I would recommend this game to any friend. This extremely life-like post apocalyptic survival MMO is a must buy.



The extremely popular game Rust is one of the most successful survival games at the moment. It is available for multiple platforms which makes sense since the game is so popular already. The basis of the game is to survive after a big radioactive explosion has gone off. There are infected wolfs, bears and other animals that try to kill you as well as other players. You start out with a simple rock and you can scavenge for better materials such as fully automatic guns, to building a full sized shelter for yourself and friends.



This game is still in the early Alpha stages of production, and already will outplay Day Z. The developers of PunchFace Studios really took their time to create an amazing game. The developers also created the very popular game Garries Mod which has sold over 5 million copies. The very successful company still takes it’s time out to listen to the players of the game. They introduce new patches extremely often in response to players’ feedback. The amount of updates that have been announced are just too many to name.

In-Game Experience

From the moment you spawn in to Rust, you spawn in the middle of the forest with just a rock to survive. You must cut down trees and build shelter. You also need to make a fire since you can die from being too cold. That alone will give away your position to any other player, even from a long distance. You better hurry and try to find something to kill and eat or you will also die from starvation. This game really takes all of the aspects of survival and inputs it into the game. You will find clothes as you go, but you can type into the game chat “naked.true” and you will see any other player completely nude, and trust me when I mean completely nude.


What Will Change

Since the developers from FacePunch Studios really do take the time to listen to their fans they have announced some crazy and some never before seen updates into the game. There will be updates such as cannibalism, swimming, monuments, doors with physical keys ( you can loose the key), and even loot sleeping players, including adding and removing clothes (people seem fascinated by this). You really have to give it to the creators to listen and change things in the game. Not very many gaming companies that you see now a days are as responsive as FacePunch.


The graphics on Rust are simply jaw-dropping. If your computer is fast enough to run the game at its full, you will really see the fullness that this game provides. If your computer is not as fast, you can always input “grass.false” on the game chat and have all the graphics slow down for easier play. Like I said before this game is still in the early Alpha stages so the graphics will not be like Skyrim with full settings. The graphics can only get better from here which is really saying something. There is no need for shaders or any other type of Mod to make the game look more realistic. From the full 1280×720 resolution to whatever custom resolution you choose, this game fails to disappoint.

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