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Standby for a Titanfall Review

by on March 2, 2015

Experience the fast paced first person shooter that is Titanfall! Run across platforms and call in Titans to rampage throughout the battle field.

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Parkouring around the battle field is extremely solid

Titans are well balanced with Pilots

The game is extremely fast paced and exhilarating


Story is boring, and the presentation for the story is even worse

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Bottom Line

Titanfall is easily the best FPS game I ever played. It's fast paced, the movement is incredible, and titans are outstanding. The story is lame but everything else about this game is fantastic.


First Person Shooters are an incredibly popular genre, and many people associate FPS games with gaming in general, but what do you do when everyone and their dog is making a shooter? You make Titanfall! They took all the elements that make FPS games fun, and improved on them. Titanfall accomplishes so many things that other games have failed to do time and time again. I can’t think of a more fun shooter, or a more fun Mech fighter.


Graphics and Sounds

This game is awesome to look at, everything about the world is so dynamic, from gorgeous cities to the alien dragons you see flying around. Every battle ground is incredibly detailed, the cities are beautiful to look at, the jungles are fun to explore, just so much detail was went into making every area unique. The sounds are a little lacking in my opinion, on one hand you’ve got the intense dropping of a titan, and some music that can really make the tone of the game intense, but on the other hand, a lot of the music is pretty generic. It’s not bad by any means, and they did an excellent job making the environments seem real with the ships flying around, the titans dropping in and constant crossfire.


I have quite a few problems with the story, not only is it boring, but the way it’s presented is terrible. The basic story is one of a military vs rebels, it’s nothing original, and the worst part about it, it’s a completely multiplayer campaign that has each chapter of the story a game, depending on what side you’re fighting for, and who wins, the story will change slightly. The story is also told to you WHILE you’re playing, it’s incredibly difficult to focus on it while playing such a fast paced game. The concept of trying to work in the story based on how you do in the game is an interesting idea, but in practice it’s easily the weakest part of the game.



There is so much I love about the Titanfall gameplay, from the parkouring around the map, to the unique weapons, to calling down a titan to crush your opponents. The running is fantastic, not only do you have a double jump, but you have the power to run across vertical platforms letting you jump around the map as if you were flying, it’s incredibly fun, and it changes the way you view the map. Instead of just looking at a wall, you now see a bridge you can run across to get to higher platforms. Admittedly trying to force certain jumps can only lead to frustration, but there are plenty of platforms designed to get you where you need to be.

Now lets talk about the guns, now I don’t play many FPS games, but from my perspective, the actual variety of guns seemed pretty small, but the guns we do have are pretty damn awesome. Not only did they make shotguns that are reasonably balanced, which alone is a feat many games have failed time and time again, but the gun I love the most, is the Smart Pistol, a gun that can auto target enemies and shoot without you needing to aim, the draw back is you have to keep them in sight for a fair amount of time before you can shoot, but if you can master it, it’s easily one of the most powerful guns in the game. I’m sure competitive and expert players would say it’s a cheap weapon, or that it doesn’t really require skill, and to an extent they’re right, but from my perspective, the gun requires a different kind of skill, and it’s not so simple anyone can just jump in and use it.


The gameplay modes for the most part aren’t particularly original, you’ve got the basic capture the flag, capture point, but there are two modes that are really awesome and original, the first of which, is Last Titan Standing, where every player starts in a titan, and when a team has lost all of their titans, then it’s game over, but if a player ejects before their titan explodes, they can still fight and try to take out enemy titans before the match is over. The other mode I love, is called Attrition, which looks like Team Death Match from any other FPS game, but Attrition has something other games don’t, and that’s enemy AI. The goal of Attrition isn’t to simply kill the other team, it’s to gain more points then the other team, and you can gain points just by killing players, but the real fun is by killing the groups of grunts that spawn all around the battle field. The grunts can kill you if you aren’t careful, which is more embarrassing then anything else, but it’s actually really fun to be able to gain points and help the team without having to fight other players constantly.

Finally we come to the titans, and damn do I love the titans. Titans aren’t a reward for getting a kill streak, every player can get a titan every few minutes, though gaining points or helping the objective can help speed up the process. Not only are titans incredibly fun to run around in, but they’re extraordinarily balanced. Obviously running around in a giant mech suit gives you an advantage over someone who isn’t, but pilots (people outside of titans) are easily capable of taking out titans. Tons of games have tried to make mech suits fun, but a lot of the time they feel clunky, awkward to move in, or they’re way too fast and hard to control, but these titans are perfect.

Titan lineup

Final Thoughts

Titanfall was a fast paced change that FPS games needed. Games like Call of Duty had brought the FPS genre to a monotonous stand still, having every shooter game be more or less the same, with minor changes between them whether that’s the guns, the themes of the game, or the objectives, but Titanfall stands out as the game that changed the genre to me. Very few FPS games can keep up with the speed and intensity of Titanfall, it’s easily my favorite First Person Shooter.

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