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Temple Run 2 Review

by on September 16, 2014

Temple Run 2 is a game you can always play and get better at each time!

# of Players

Single player


Good gameplay
Decent graphics
Great for all ages
Terrific to play when bored


Can be addicting
Occasional crashes

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Sound Effects and Music


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Bottom Line

Temple Run 2 is a terrific game that is fun and easy to play. Although it doesn't have insane graphics, it is a game that you can play over and over and constantly try to beat yourself!


Temple Run 2 is mobile game that you play as a character trying to escape from a jungle temple. Although you constantly run, there is no end to the game. You merely get power-ups, coins, dodge obstacles and try your best to make it as far as you can before getting eaten by a giant monkey or falling off the edge.


Since it’s on mobile devices, it doesn’t have the best graphics in the world but they fit the game nonetheless. There is scenery everywhere you run, such as waterfalls, trees and rock faces, as well as a nice backdrop to finish off the empty spaces! Overall the graphics are decent but don’t take a huge roll in the actual game itself.



This game is addicting to say the least. Playing is very easy. You simply swipe your finger in the direction you want to go. When playing, you collect coins. With these coins you gain power ups, prizes and you unlock different characters and abilities for each one. Some of the power ups include boost, coin magnet, shield and a few others. They all help you out quite a bit and if you truly want to go far, you’re definitely going to need them.

On your journey out of the temple, you travel along a large number of diverse terrains, each with different obstacles you must avoid and paths that you can choose to take. The most common you will see is the regular temple road, which although seems easy, it is riddled with half-cut-away paths, constant fallen trees and rocks that make it hard for you to enjoy your stroll. You might also come across river slides, wood beam paths and mine shafts that you travel through in a mine cart. Around every corner there is something trying to take you out and it can be very difficult, especially because the farther you make it, the faster your character runs which makes it harder to dodge things in your way. If you die, it isn’t the end of the world. You can use gems that are found while running to save your life and they allow you to keep going on your merry way. There are daily prizes and challenges you can accept to gain more coins and other items.


This game is constant fun for me and I often find myself playing it too much. It’s perfect for situations where you are waiting for something or when you are simply bored. It is great for all age groups as well.

Sound Effects and Music

The game features a variety of animated noises that are perfect for the game and can sometimes be humorous. The music (while playing) is a great drum beat–just like you would hear in jungle movies or something tribes would do. Fits the game perfectly.

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