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Why AdVenture Capitalist is not worth playing

by on July 29, 2015

It's capitalism cookie clicker.

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It has the same sorta appeal that cookie clicker has, but without the charm and creativity.


The game plays itself. There's no challenge, or point to it. It hardly reflects capitalism.

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It's not worth it's free to play cost.


When I saw this free to play game, AdVenture Captialist, I thought “oh wow, this looks cool! Maybe it’s like some kind of RPG about the stock market?”

Nope. It’s Cookie Clicker.

For those that don’t know, Cookie Clicker is a game where you just click a cookie and it adds to your bank of cookies. Eventually you can spend cookies to get a flow of cookies coming into your stock without needing to click.

This game is exactly the same, but instead of cookies, it’s capitalism. You start small, with a lemonade stand. You keep clicking until you have enough money to upgrade to a newspaper delivery business and a car wash, all the way up to an oil tycoon.

But there’s a problem with AdVenture Capitalist. It’s pointless and boring, for 2 big reasons.

1. You can buy managers to auto click all of your businesses. Now Cookie Clicker had this as well but I still clicked on cookies to get cookies. Having a manager completely stops you from clicking the businesses you have managers for.

2. The other big issue with this game (and I use the term game loosely) is that it plays itself. Even when the game is off, it keeps playing. I stopped playing for about a day, and when I turned it on I made 4 quadrillion dollars. I had for all intents and purposes beaten the game, save for getting achievements.

This is hardly a game. There’s no way to play wrong, there’s no challenge to it. I cannot recommend playing this game. It’s only redeeming value is that it’s free to play.