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Yes the robots! Not The Robots Review

by on December 17, 2014

In Not The Robots, you're a robot that cleans everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Your robot eats all the furniture while avoiding killer turrets and drones, all while collecting power-ups as you progress through several different buildings. An original game that is good clean fun.

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Visually appealing
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Random level generator


Sometimes the random level generator makes the game too difficult.

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I love this game and wish I could afford to gift a copy to everyone interested. It's a nice refreshing break from the rest of my game collection that thanks to the random level generator will always be replayable. It's a shame this game didn't get much attention when it was released.


When I first heard about Not The Robots, I thought to myself “Self, this sounds funny, but it’s just a gimmick that you’re going to waste money on.” So of course, I didn’t listen to myself and purchased the game. It turned out to be one of the few good times I didn’t listen to myself.


The beginning of a new floor.

In Not The Robots, you take on the role of a furniture hungry robot who inhabits office buildings. Your goal is simple – eat all the furniture. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The developers at 2Darray put in some baddies for you to deal with. Electric floor panels and moving walls, turrets, and machine gun drones are just some of the enemies that you will encounter.



Turrets and electric walls… The bane of every robot.

In order to avoid the enemies, you must use a stealth approach. This is accomplished by hiding behind furniture to avoid detection. Along the way you can also get power-ups that assist you in hiding by giving you different abilities such as invisibility, a pick-axe to mine through the office walls, movement speed improvements, teleportation, and various other items.



Teleport, one of the many power-ups you’ll find in the game

As the game progresses, you move from the first building onto the next and so on. Each building contains 2 levels and they are all randomly generated. Sometimes, the levels get harder as you go along, but occasionally you’ll be cut a break and enter a building in which there are no drone defenses. While the defenseless buildings are easy, you still need to watch out for the turrets and other non-intelligent things such as the aforementioned electric walls. These are walls that move along with a slight opening in them that you must maneuver in between. In case the regular levels are not hard enough for you, there’s also some challenge levels thrown available at the main menu.

The graphics are crisp and clean, but not very detailed. I feel that if there were a lot of detail added to this game that it would be difficult to keep track of what was going on, and hinder the idea that stealth is the most important part of the game. You can tell what are desks; you can see drawers on them, but you can’t see wood grain on them. This isn’t a bad thing.

As far as gameplay goes, it is a lot of fun even though it can be challenging at times, especially considering that you have to deal with perma-death. To keep you interested, the devs have a leveling up system in the game. Every time you die, you get points for the run that you’ve just completed. Upon leveling up, different things are unlocked, such as the electric walls. To be honest, I’m only about 2 hours into the game, so I’m not sure what other goodies are unlockable. In addition to all this, the way the game is set up makes it perfect for the times where you want to play something but don’t have much time. Short 10-15 minute games are possible.



The story, if you want to call it that, is told through random items that can be found laying around the office. I’m usually so busy hiding or running from the flying machine gun drones that I couldn’t care less about picking them up, so I personally don’t know what the story is. The gameplay in this is implemented well enough that I would be fine if there was no story.

All in all, this is one of the most enjoyable indie titles I’ve played since Minecraft was in alpha. I can’t recommend this game enough.


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