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Zombies in spaaaaaaceee – Dead Effect Review

by on December 20, 2014

In Dead Effect, your goal is to survive a zombie outbreak on your space ship, all while figuring out how exactly the outbreak happened in the first place.

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Beautiful graphics

Satisfying sounds

Intense gameplay


The shear amount of zombies on screen at once can be too many to deal with, leading to constantly retrying some areas until successful.

Sometimes the combat feels like you're grinding.

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Bottom Line

This game is probably one of the best FPS Indie games I have ever played.




Somehow I ended up with Dead Effect through one of the bundles I purchased. I know my thought when I got the bundle was “Oh well, it comes with some card drops”. Whenever I get a game with card drops, I always give it a chance before I decided to idle for the drops. This is one of those times where the game turned out to be enjoyable.


In Dead Effect, you awaken from stasis on board the ship ESS Meridian while on your journey to colonize the planet Tau Ceti f. Unfortunately, your ship only made it halfway to it’s destination. During the trip, in an attempt to augment humans to be more efficient in their work on the planet, Professor Wagner created the D-effect. The D-effect was meant to help aid the body’s normal functions, using minimal energy while maximizing performance. Somehow, an experimental strain of the D-effect got loose and infected the crew of the ship, turning them into zombies.





The back story in the game is told mostly through tablets that you’ll find lying about. The bad thing about this method of story telling is if you miss a tablet, then you potentially don’t know what’s happened. While it’s not necessary to get them to enjoy the game, it can be rather annoying to people who just want the story without going through the hassle of finding all the tablets.

In the current frame of time, most of the game involves your character talking to Professor Wagner, who sounds an awfully lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This adds a bit of humor to the game, but it gets old when you get stuck in a tough spot and have to repeat it several times. Most of the time the interactions between the Professor and your character are just Wagner telling you what you need to go do.


Dead Effect plays like an old style FPS (think Quake). With a healthy dose of fast paced action, this game will keep you playing all night long. Along the way, you pick up credits and gold, which help to upgrade your weapons and buy new weapon types. In addition to your guns, there are two special abilities you can use. One is bullet time which you receive after being affected by the virus, and the other is some form of discharge from your gauntlet that destroys all the zombies that are close to you. Otherwise, the game is just your standard issue FPS, with nothing to set it apart from the crowd.

In addition to story mode, Badfly also included a survival mode and what they call biohazard mode. Biohazard mode is your basic wave after wave of zombies, while in survival you must last a certain amount of time. The incentive to play these modes is rewards in gold bars or credits, which can be spent on your guns for story mode. This is useful if you get to a point where you are stuck in the game and need to boost your firepower or buy ammo.





I’m absolutely amazed at the quality of the graphics in this game considering it’s a game from an indie studio. While most independent studios go for simplified graphics, BadFly Interactive gave this game a ton of detail. The zombies move about just like real zombies would in nice and smooth animations, shuffling about at a slow pace, speeding up, diving at you, and crawling. Badfly also made sure there were plenty of different types of zombies to encounter, each with their own details, such as the grenade throwing zombie.



The lighting perfectly sets the mood for the game as well; in some areas you can watch zombie shadows as they feast upon a victim. In some areas, it’s so dark that you don’t see the zombies until it’s too late, unless of course you have your flashlight on.


Music and sounds

The music in the game is sparse. The game does unfortunately suffer from lack of variable background music.The lack of music does occasionally create an atmosphere of monotony. On a brighter note, the sound effects are top notch. My personal favorite thing about the sound in this game however is headshots. It has just the right amount of crunch to it.


Overall, I’ve enjoyed this game enough that I’ve played through it twice now, and considering my Steam library is over 700 games, it’s rare that I will spend that much time playing just one game. On my second play through, it did start to get a little grindy, so the replay factor is certainly low, but if you can get this game while it’s on sale, it’s a good one to kill some time with.

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