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Best Car in GTA 5

by on May 14, 2015

#3. BF Bifta

lhay7lhThe BF Bifta, the GTA V off-road rascal. Now, some may disagree on this being on the list for the best car in GTA 5, but just hear me out. The BF Bifta looks like a Mini-Coop with a haircut and a new jacket. Taking this bad boy off-road will make you go crazy! I mean, there’s a roll cage for a reason. It’s decently fast, fairly cheap and can take you up a mountain in seconds! The BF Bifta can be purchased for 3 Mil….no, just kidding, only $75,000! The reason it made it on the list is because everybody needs an off-road adventure every once in a while and what better way to do that than in a mini two-seater that can handle any rock, crevice or mountain that gets in its way. We had to have an off-roader in our list of the Best GTA 5 Cars!


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