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Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review

With X-Men: Apocalypse dominating film news toward the end of spring, I found myself looking for a nice easy X-Men game to download, and landed on this app. Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past is one of several apps by Gigataur, but probably the mo...

Check Out The Legend of Kay Anniversary Launch Trailer

Legend of Kay Anniversary Legend of Kay Anniversary is out today on all platforms, as a digital version, and as a retail (box) edition. 10 years after its initial release, Legend of Kay – Anniversary is a thoroughly remastered version of the...

Mortal Kombat X Reviews

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Super Mario World Reviews

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GoldenEye 007 Reviews

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The Legend of Zelda Reviews

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Some Awesome Games With Not So Great Graphics

1. Wasteland- The Classic RPG The original Wasteland was released in 1988, and of course, has what a lot of people would consider almost crappy graphics – they’re from 1988. It’s too bad, too. Wasteland is a classic game and the ...

Three More Classic SEGA Genesis Games Coming To 3DS

Classic SEGA Genesis Games SEGA today announced the addition of three more titles to the second batch of 3D re-masterings exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. Featuring some of the most iconic games from SEGA’s Genesis console, The S...


Chrono Trigger Review- A Timeless Classic

Chrono Trigger will be turning twenty this year. I’m ashamed to admit that up until about a month ago, I had never even touched it. Luckily, the PSN gods decided to have a sale and knock the price down to $5. Let me tell you, it was $5 well ...

Phantasy Star 4 Review – Best Genesis RPG?

Now I know I’m most definitely going to rustle some jimmies here, but as a critic, I have to be hard on a game and compare it to other games of the same type (jrpgs) and to be entirely fair, this game only gets a silver medal at best in term...


Legacy of the Ancients Review

Ooh 1987, baby! Those late 80’s were some good years for the video game industry. 1987 was in the Golden Age of a video gaming breakthrough for multiple platforms from titles from Zelda 2, Castlevania, Contra, Street Fighter and Megaman, Mik...

Patient gaming – A Mass Effect Review

I’m what they sometimes call a patient gamer. I wait for games to go down in price because I simply don’t make a lot of money. So, this results in me playing some of the biggest games years after they originally come out. Today I attem...


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Review

Oh man this game is one of my top five favorite games of all time. If you haven’t played it, I understand. Some people just really don’t like Legend of Zelda games. If you haven’t played it due to any other reason, do yourself a ...

Fountain of Dreams Review

Fountain of Dreams. Many people do not know about this one, and for good reason. EA made this game hot off of the successful presses of Wasteland. This was not hot nor successful nor Wasteland. No Interplay. No Alan Pavlish. No Mike Stackpole. No ...


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

MW2 is very fun and is definitely different from all the other CODs. With such a great success with Call of Duty 4, it was no wonder MW2 was such a hit, being the second in the Modern Warfare series. Developers really stepped it up, in my opinion,...

Call of Duty 3 Review

Call of Duty 3 was a fairly good game. Although it was a new game, it kind of seemed to be a crappy repeat of COD 2 for me. It was the third WWII COD and in my opinion, it was one too many. They did add more to the game but it still wasn’t a...