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Top Video Games Of All Time – CLARIFIED

I don’t know about you guys, but I would look at Top 10, 20, 50 and even Top 100 Video Game lists of all time, and each seemed to have their own favorites which seemed to surface to the top, or they would vary so wildly that I didn’t t...

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Ugliest Chicks in Video Games

Greta from Fallout 3 This is for all the fans waiting for the new Fallout Game. Greta works in Underworld at Carol’s Place. She’s your cook and serves your food (I hope she wears a hair net…and a skin net). She is a smoker, so in...

Slenderman in Fallout 3

Okay, maybe not… It’s just a glitch, but if I saw this in the Dunwich Building, I would have probably filled my diaper.

Wasteland 2 Released today!

The 26 year wait is finally, finally over! I don’t know any other game or franchise that actually had fans waiting for a sequel and STAYED INTERESTED in the sequel all those years. It has a pretty crazy following. inXile’s crowd-fundin...

Fountain of Dreams Review

Fountain of Dreams. Many people do not know about this one, and for good reason. EA made this game hot off of the successful presses of Wasteland. This was not hot nor successful nor Wasteland. No Interplay. No Alan Pavlish. No Mike Stackpole. No ...


Fallout Review

For such a huge following, I am guessing that most followers of the Fallout Series have not even played the one that started it all. I think this was on and still is only available on the PC. I am hoping for a re-release on multiple platforms one ...

Fallout 3 Review

If you’re like me waiting for the new Fallout game and going back to the others in the series to relive your old glory, then you won’t mind another Fallout review. I’ve been following the Fallout series since number 1. I loved Fa...


Wasteland Review

They call Wasteland the great-grandfather of the post-apocalyptic genre. It’s an old-timer for sure, coming out in 1988. Old or not, this is one of the very best games ever made and should rightfully be in any video game Hall of Fame. I boug...