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Dead Island Reviews

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Metro 2033 Reviews

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Slender: The Arrival Reviews

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Nintendo Says Devil’s Third Will Be Heading to Wii U in the Americas in Q4

Devil’s Third Devil’s Third, an upcoming shooter game with melee combat from Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd. and renowned game developer Tomonobu Itagaki, will launch for the Wii U console in retail locations and in the Nintendo eShop in Q4 ...

Nether Reviews

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The Evil Within Reviews

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SEGA Releases ‘The Trigger’ Add-On For Alien: Isolation

‘The Trigger’ Newest DLC For Alien: Isolation SEGA announced today that ‘The Trigger’, the fifth add-on pack for multi-award winning survival horror Alien: Isolation, will be available to download from today. Seeing players compete aga...


Dying Light Review

One thing you won’t hear me say is that Dying Light was not scary enough for me! This game is SCARY! I was a little skeptical at first, not really knowing what to think. Before getting my hands on this game, It was brought up to be some sort...

Alien: Isolation Add-On ‘Lost Contact’ Out Now

SEGA announced today that ‘Lost Contact’, Alien: Isolation’s fourth add-on pack, is available to download from today. ‘Lost Contact’ adds a new Salvage Challenge to the game’s Survivor Mode, pitting players against a series of 10 challenges in a n...

Techland Invites Gamers to Help Create Modding Tools for Dying Light

The release of Dying Light has already been met an amazing positive response from gamers around the globe. In their excitement, many PC players have already been creating mods that alter and revamp the game. At Techland, we want to see more! As a ...

“Come here, ghosty.” — The Evil Within Review

Gameplay The Evil Within’s gameplay is the high mark of this frightening game. As most survival horror games rely on tight gameplay that tailors to a very specific kind of gameplay, it’s not surprising that Shinjin Mikami, the daddy of...


Dead Space Review

Dead Space is a Survival Horror, Over the Shoulder SCI-FI Shooter. Created by Visceral Games in 2008, this game was renowned as one of the scariest games ever created. It was released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. You play as Issac Clarke, an enginee...

White Noise Review

White Noise is a Slender-esque horror game that can be very scary if played right. In White Noise, you can choose to play alone or with a group of people online. Although it is a bit scarier to play alone, it can be a great time to play with a gro...