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Bravely Default Review! One of the best JRPGs in the last 15 years

Square Enix makes a lot of Japanese Role-Playing Games, and they’re mostly known for Final Fantasy, but just this last year they released Bravely Default and it’s better then any Final Fantasy game they’ve released in years. Brav...

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review – My Favorite JRPG series part 3

I was so hyped, no hyped doesn’t even do it justice, I freaked the fuck out, when Camelot announced at the 2010 E3 that Golden Sun would be making a return, after 7 years of silence with their new title, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and when I fin...


Golden Sun: The Lost Age Review – My Favorite JRPG series part 2!

The original Golden Sun when looked at individually, is a pretty small and underwhelming game. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but what a lot of people at the time didn’t know, is that it was building up to this, Golden Sun: The Lost Ag...

Chrono Trigger Review- A Timeless Classic

Chrono Trigger will be turning twenty this year. I’m ashamed to admit that up until about a month ago, I had never even touched it. Luckily, the PSN gods decided to have a sale and knock the price down to $5. Let me tell you, it was $5 well ...


Phantasy Star 4 Review – Best Genesis RPG?

Now I know I’m most definitely going to rustle some jimmies here, but as a critic, I have to be hard on a game and compare it to other games of the same type (jrpgs) and to be entirely fair, this game only gets a silver medal at best in term...