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Some Awesome Games With Not So Great Graphics

1. Wasteland- The Classic RPG The original Wasteland was released in 1988, and of course, has what a lot of people would consider almost crappy graphics – they’re from 1988. It’s too bad, too. Wasteland is a classic game and the ...

Terraria Possibly Coming To Nintendo Systems

Terraria For Wii-U & 3DS In the past few months it has been rumored that Terraria, a popular indie game developed by 505 Games, will be coming to Wii u and 3DS. Well today, it seems that an answer to the rumor has been relieved and it seems it...

Terraria Discount For Limited Time On Xbox One and 360

Microsoft has announced a huge “Countdown to 2015” sales promotion on Xbox One and 360 offering new titles every day on the One and 360. Fortunately for all of you who aren’t apart of Xbox Live Gold Membership, you can still reap...


Terraria Review

Terraria is an amazing game that brings more to the table for ten dollars than most mainstream sixty dollar games. The amount you can do in Terraria is almost overwhelming but once you get used to the game, it becomes a lot of fun and very addicti...